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Key Components of a Successful da Vinci Surgery Program 

One of the most important decisions a person will ever make is choosing the appropriate treatment when illness strikes. Hospitals and surgeons can make this process easier by providing staff, patients and the public with valuable information. The informed patient can have substantive discussions with their doctor about all treatment options, including da Vinci Surgery, and can decide which is best for them.

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Potential patients are looking for you online—ensure that you can be found! 


Make sure local physicians incorporate you into their referral network.


Use a comprehensive communication plan to promote your offerings within your community.

Getting Started

The da Vinci Surgery Community Education Toolkit is a resource collection designed to help you execute C.O.R.E. activities. This Community Education Toolkit is informed by customer experience. It reflects knowledge gained from the development of hundreds of da Vinci programs.

Available at www.daVinciSurgeryCommunity.com, the Toolkit contains content and source files for a comprehensive da Vinci Surgery campaign, including:

  • Planning tools
  • Collateral source files
  • Online content
  • Referring physician resources
  • Community education & programs

We look forward to supporting you in the successful implementation of your da Vinci Surgery Program. For more information, please contact your local sales representative or e-mail us at pr@intusurg.com

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